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Welcome to all Quebec minerals enthousiasts!. This website is dedicated to the discovery of the minerals form the province of Quebec. A large territory, Quebec is the host of World reknown mineral localities: Mont-St-Hilaire, Asbestos, Thetford-Mines, Chibougamau, Francon Quarry and many more.

This website will evolve during time, as new minerals and localities will be added.  To this end, we reuqire the help of the entire community to help to build our database. Any photos and information representing significant minerals from Quebec will be appreciated and could be published. Of course, the mention of the owner of the specimen will be there! There are still minor errors with some links in the website, but they should be corrected within a few days.

For those who are fluent in French, there is much more additional information on localities and minerals in the French version of the site. I do not have the time to translate everything from the original Frenchh version. However, all the minerals presented in the French version are also presented with the same level of details in the English version.

We are always looking to buy new specimens of high quality from classic and new localities from Quebec (including Asbestos, Thetford Mines, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Orford Nickel, etc.). If some of your specimens are available for sale or exchange, contact us.

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TUCSON 2006 !

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Quebec minerals

Mineral localities of Quebec


Tucson 2006

An overview of the minerals from Quebec that were seen in Tucson during the 206 mineral show.

Show Report (FR) Tucson 2006
See the photos photos

May 13th, 2006

What's new?

Grand Opening of the English Version
The english version of Quebec Minerals is now open!

September 12th , 2006




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